Posted by: patti | June 17, 2009

Q (Word Play Wednesday)

Patricia T. O’Conner was on Leonard Lopate today (listen to the segment here),  and toward the end, one caller asked them why the letter Q has to be followed by a U in English words.  O’Conner speculated that it comes from English’s habit of absorbing French.

Lopate supplied a little letter trivia:  Name two major American cities that have three Us in their name.

I’ll add:  Name the country that has three Us in its name.

And here, just because I’m playing a lot of Scrabble these days and it’s already on my mind, is a list of non-U Q words.

Also, an important lesson.



  1. Uruguay. Or as Homer says, You Are Gay.

  2. Actually, the conventional long form of “Uruguay” is “Oriental Republic of Uruguay” which has 4 “U’s”.

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