Posted by: patti | March 11, 2009

Long-overdue Word Play Wednesday answers

Remember Word Play Wednesday?  Yeah, me either, usually.

Because it’s been two months since the last one, I’m posting the answers here instead of in the comments.

The common English noun Sarah had in mind was Polish (From Warsaw)/polish (Rub to a shine) .  The others I had were:

Herb (Trumpeter Alpert)/herb (Oregano, for one)
Job (Paragon of patience)/job (Want-ad offering)
Nice (City in France)/nice (Good-natured)
Rainier (Mountain in the Cascades)/rainier (More . . . rainy)
Reading (Pennsylvania town)/reading (Enjoying a book)

Readers also supplied Rodeo (Beverly Hills drive)/rodeo (Wild West show) and Lima (Capital of Peru)/lima (Succotash bean).  I’d quibble that these don’t exactly qualify because the drive and the bean don’t usually stand on their own; they are usually used in the full two-word form.

And the word for these words?  Capitonym.  There’s a new chart up on that page with a few others that fit my category, and I am embarrassed to admit that I did not think of August (Summer month)/august (Majestic).  But, you know, I can’t think of everything.


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