Posted by: patti | March 9, 2009

PS, Geniuses

Thank you for my new iPhone.  Thanks, too, for only making me wait 48 hours to get data back on my iPhone.

Thank you for calling to let me know Applet was ready.  Of course, I had already called you, you had already told me Applet was ready, and you called while I was in the store to pick up Applet, but you’re getting better.

And thank you for reminding me that I need to use that external hard drive.  You’re not all dumb, geniuses.

Now.  Remember how the SuperDrive crap-out was “absolutely, purely a coincidence”?  Yeah, not so much.  You guys should maybe come up with a better system for keeping your short screws and your long screws straight.

I’m just saying.



  1. I’m sure there is a comment to be made here about the technician having a few screws loose.

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