Posted by: patti | December 10, 2008

The Blues (Word Play Wednesday)

The Little Brother texted me today: “Donde esta wordplay wednesday?”  So here it is.

A quick warning to my other readers (Hi honey!)  (Would you mind picking up wine on your way home?  Tempranillo, maybe?), but there are sure to be spoilers in the comments, particularly if I know The Little Brother.  Feel free to chime in, of course, but only when you’re sure you’re ready to see some guesses.  And I’ll post the correct answers in the comments . . . somewhen.

Here are six answers to questions that contain the word “BLUE.”  What are the questions?

1. Toronto

2. Shoes

3. Brooke Shields

4. The Appalachians

5. Sulfur-bottom

6. Finland



  1. Word play wednesday es a qui… hooray… on to those pesky questions…

    1. Where is that crappy team, the BLUE jays that can’t beat the Yankees, Red Sox or Rays from (everyone beats the Orioles)?

    2. What was made BLUE suede and stolen from Muddy Waters by Elvis?

    3. Before she went onto such awsome hits as ‘Suddenly Susan’ and ‘Lipstick Jungle’, who gave prepubecent boys the steamin’ undies in the BLUE lagoon?

    4. Ned Beatty was raped in ‘Deliverence’ while on a canoe trip with Burt Reynolds in the BLUE ridge mountains… In what mountain range do you have to ‘squeal like a pig, boy!’

    5. In MegaMan Legends 2 what is the name of the ship that Von BLUEcher will land on Forbidden Island? (too geeky for the nerds…ok… fine) What type of BLUE whale was moby dick?

    6. Popeye the Sailor was always fighting over Olive Oyl with BLUEto… where is BLUEto from? (damn… I got nothing)

    Well… was hoping to get them all… but I guess I BLUE it…

    Oh… hey… 6… What other crappy euro country (aside from Greece) has a sissy color scheme of BLUE and white?

    How about you add some red and we’ll talk… USA! USA! USA!

    Nevermind… i’m Finnished… Ha…

    holy crap its late…

  2. For no. 6, I was gonna say where did Blues Section come from. Unfortunately, my other answers would just be repeats.

  3. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: Little Brother needs his own damn blog.

    The intended (and, admittedly, less funny) questions are:
    1. What city is home to baseball’s Blue Jays?
    2. What were blue and suede in a Carl Perkins song made famous by Elvis Presley?
    3. What actress starred in the film “The Blue Lagoon”?
    4. The Blue Ridge Mountains are a segment of what larger mountain chain?
    5. What is another name for a blue whale?
    6. What country has a white flag with a blue cross?

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