Posted by: patti | November 14, 2008

New to Yoga (Flash Fiction Friday)

The yoga classes were one thing.  Evening meditation took some getting used to.  She had to admit that quitting drinking was a good idea.  But now, her kitchen was devoid of anything fun or interesting, and she squirreled away a few bottles of Chianti and a half-dozen boxes of Twinkies in her closet for the nights he wasn’t around.

Granola and yogurt, all kinds of seeds and nuts and tofu, all without salt or flavor, crowded her shelves and cabinets now.  Gone were her cupcakes, her cheese doodles.  Salad had replaced her famous pork chops — all meat, in fact, was banished from the table.  Salad was okay, but all he would eat was the bland iceberg lettuce and mealy hothouse tomatoes he found at corner stands on the city streets.  She’d suggested they go to farmers markets, but he didn’t want to go out of his way, and years of smoking had destroyed his taste buds, so he didn’t know the difference between spinach and romaine.  She was shocked to discover that she missed the smell of smoke on him, hated the taste of him now.

He didn’t want to shop at faceless supermarkets, a practice, which, she had to admit, she supported in principle.  But the deeper he got into yoga, the more he believed in denying himself — and her — the pleasures she’d grown accustomed to.  Yesterday he announced he was done with sex, too, for he needed his strength and something he called “pitta” for his own well-being.  She watched his lean form bend and reach and stretch and decided he could do without her, too.


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